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Behind every pig in Ohio, there’s a Real Ohio Pig Farmer. Learn more about Ohio Pig Farmers.

This Ohio pig farming family takes family farm to a new level by having the entire family involved, as well as a fantastic team of community members that are employed at the farm!

“One of the reasons I am most proud to be an Ohio pig farmer is taking what generations have done before me and taking it to the next generation and hopefully I can pass this down to my children as my dad did to me,” said Scott Isler.

Meet Bill, David, Scott, and Nathan Isler of Islercrest Farms in Prospect, Ohio. These Ohio pig farmers are another great example of why Ohio continues to be a great place to produce food that feeds the world in a sustainable way. 

Grandpa, father, and pig farmer Tom Graham shares how he and his family work together to provide safe, healthy protein for your plate.

“It is not about a paycheck. It is about providing for the community. We are providing food, “ Tom passionately shares.

Providing safe, wholesome pork starts at the farm. Tom opens his barn doors and invites you inside. As a multi-generation farm family, they strive to take the utmost care for the pigs.

How we raise pigs on the farm may vary, but advanced technology and innovation assist families like the Grahams to raise pork ethically, sustainably, and responsibly.

To raise wholesome pork, the Hord family nurtures trusted relationships with team members and their community. 

“The community has to want you to be here,” said Pat Hord, owner of Hord Family Farms. “At the end of the day, the community has to embrace and want you here and I think that’s probably been one of the most satisfying things. Many people know we care.”

Father and son, Pat and Phil Hord, further discuss how their facility is focuses on these values. With a mission statement of, “Feeding families through sustainable food production,” the Hords strive to be good stewards in the Ohio pork industry.

The Hord family is proud to be a trusted partner in the community.

Did you know that Ohio farmers raise a variety of wholesome proteins on their family farms? For sixth-generation farmer Kyle Brown, raising hogs and growing soybeans are very similar in many ways.

“In farming in general and knowing your end product, you’re producing nutrition, whether it’s plant form or animal protein form and that does give you a sense of accomplishment,” said Brown. “When you don’t take care of the animal, you don’t raise a quality product.”

Family and farm are the same. Father and son, Randy and Kyle Brown, share how raising hogs is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week job dedicated to raising healthy, nutritious, and delicious protein for you. 

Family, farming, and animal care — the top priorities for the McClure family. Father and son, Terry and Ryan McClure, speak of how these beliefs are weaved through their lives as pig farmers. 

“Our greatest compliment really is being taken for granted,” said Terry McClure, “because the expectation is going to be good, wholesome, great tasting food every time, and that’s our commitment.”

Alongside Terry and Ryan is the seventh generation of pig farmers, showing that the farm and family really are the same. “The amount of hours spent on the farm requires your family next to you,” said Ryan. 

“I always knew I wanted to be a pig farmer,” said Nick Seger. “It’s farming all day every day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Real pig farming families, such as the Segers, instill the values and lessons learned on their farm into their family’s day-to-day life. They prioritize animal well-being, the importance of family, and the value of raising high quality affordable protein. 

Ohio pig farming families, like the Segers, work day-in and day-out to do what’s good for their animals, land, community, and for people who eat pork. They dedicate their lives to providing nutritious and delicious animal protein to consumers all over the world. With their children by their side, these Ohio families ensure the best end product makes it to your plate.

For fifth- and sixth-generation farmers, Duane and Anthony Stateler, pig farming is truly a family affair. Generations of Statelers work together to provide safe and wholesome pork for our communities.

“A pig farmer’s most important responsibility is to take care of the animals,” said Duane Stateler. “I’ve always instilled upon the kids, and the grandkids, that the animals can’t fend for themselves. We have to provide for them the food, shelter, and water – it’s our goal and our main importance that we do that and treat them as best as we can.”

To produce healthy and nutritious pork for Ohio families, pig farmers have to take in pride what they do and the Stateler family is a shining example.

“Actually, it was all part of the grand plan,” said Gary Cooper, Cooper Farms Owner. Cooper and his family’s involvement in the agricultural industry didn’t happen overnight, having begun in the 1930’s! 

Real pig farming families, such as the Coopers, have been backbones of the industry for decades and will continue to grow and adapt for decades to come. They prioritize animal well-being, the importance of family, and the value of raising high quality affordable protein. 

Ohio pig farmers are dedicated to raising and producing the delicious, nutritious pork protein that ends up on your plate. Real Ohio pig farmers, such as the Coopers, partner with families across Ohio to provide the highest quality care to their pigs.