Grilled to 145°, Please!

Sweet, savory and perfect for the next late-night fireside dessert. Nothing is better than chocolate and bacon!

Where sweet meats savory! Mix up the “typical” pork ribs with this amazing, simple recipe!

Add a little spice to your next get together with this simple, delicious recipe!

Get out and grill this summer with these versatile, easy kabobs! Made with a variety of veggies – it’s delicious and nutritious!

A summer favorite — simple and delicious pork kabobs!

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What is more American than a pork chop dinner? Not much! Enjoy these juicy, amazing pork chops.

A savory, tangy pork chop recipe that is sure to become a favorite!

Grill up these chops this summer! A tasty rub paired with a juicy, delicious chop makes for a perfect dinner every time.

A sweet and spicy take on pork chops with this spicy mango-basil relish!

Running out of oven space this holiday? No worries, just cook your ham on the grill!

Smoky and spicy grilled pork tenderloin is served with a refreshing and simple tropical pineapple and mango salsa!

Simple and delicious!

Simply grilled slow and low, with a flavorful kick of sauce the last 15 minutes of grilling.

Topping chops with a mélange of grilled stone fruits is a fantastic way to incorporate some of the season’s best produce into an unexpected pork condiment.

Quick and easy are these burritos with a hint of spice with the salsa verde. A must try!

Grill up a juicy and delicious pork tenderloin this summer and top it with a fun bourbon and cherry glaze.

Spicy, sweet and hard to beat!

Sure to become a repeat recipe with delightful flavors.

Beer + brats + carmalized onions = a perfect dinner.

The perfect combination — sugar, spice and a juicy flavorful pork chop!

Fantastic and simple — certain to be made again!

Thick, juicy pork medallions accompanies chili-spiced black-eyed peas.

Another take on a delicious, juicy pork tenderloin.

Spicy with a touch of citrus sweet. 

Wholesome, delicious ribs that are sure to delight.