Ohio pig farmers’ dedication and shared principles help ensure affordable access to a protein that checks all four boxes of food sustainability Ohio pig farmers adhere to six ethical principles guiding the We Care Commitment.


Food safety: Providing safe, nutritious product responsibly.


Environment: Our livelihoods are directly tied to the land, water and air, so we know better than anyone the importance of protecting the planet’s natural resources.

Public health: America's pig farmers use advanced methods and protocols to manage disease, manure and air quality at every farm, which allows us to provide a healthful and nutritious protein to consumers.


Animal well-being: Safe food begins with healthy pigs receiving quality care

Our people: In Ohio, families own and operate pig farms. To supply pork, many farms invest in others to work in barns. We provide our team members with a thriving workplace.

Cultural and Societal Value

Our community: Pig farms have long been a staple in America’s rural communities. As caring neighbors and responsible citizens, we’re dedicated to giving back and helping make those communities even stronger.

Love for pork

Real Pork. Real Farmers.